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WHO WE ARE: is a project of Citizens United.

Joe Biden did not receive a mandate from the American people to impose his radical agenda on America.

In fact, Republicans picked up seats in the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate is split down the middle at 50 – 50 and the presidential election was decided by tens of thousands of votes in a handful of states. 

The American people did not vote for progressivism, radicalism, or socialism.

This project exists to oppose the radical Biden agenda. 

Through videos, op-eds, petitions, and media appearances, seeks to expose the radical Biden agenda and defeat it.

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Joe Biden and today’s Democrat Party view the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a nuisance. 

The rights and protections set forth in these founding documents of our nation are in many instances the last line of defense against the radical agenda of the left.  

If these measures are approved by Congress and sent to Biden’s desk, the country we know and love will become virtually unrecognizable:

  • Joe Biden will sign legislation that severely restricts 1st Amendment free speech rights, particularly speech the left doesn’t agree with
  • Joe Biden will sign legislation that guts 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms
  • Joe Biden will sign legislation that makes universal mail-in voting a reality thus destroying our sacred election system
  • Joe Biden refuses to come clean about packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices but has created a commission to study the idea of “reforming” the federal judiciary
  • Joe Biden remains silent on current Democrat plans to end the filibuster – a critical rule Biden supported for decades in the Senate.

Joe Biden has promised to raise taxes on the American people, which is the last thing that should be done in the midst of a pandemic and a struggling economy. 

The Biden plan is:

  • Raise the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 28%
  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $15, which amounts to kicking small businesses while they’re down
  • Re-implement the job-killing regulations that hurt businesses and economic growth throughout the Obama-Biden Administration

Joe Biden would rather pander to climate change radicals than fight for the forgotten men and women struggling to make ends meet for their families. 

The Biden climate plan:

  • Kill jobs by revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline
  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement that de-prioritizes the livelihood of the American worker
  • Ban fracking and implant job-killing red tape on the American energy industry
  • Destroy the oil and gas industry

Joe Biden wants to reverse President Trump’s immigration policies that prioritized American security. 

The Biden plan is: 

  • Reward illegal behavior by granting blanket amnesty to a projected 12 million illegal immigrants
  • Promised that “not another foot” of President Trump’s border wall will be built
  • Plans to implement a 100-day freeze on deportations
  • Rescind President Trump’s travel and immigration restrictions from terrorist hotbeds
  • Count illegal immigrants in the Census

Joe Biden won’t be tough on China because he can’t be tough on China.  He’s compromised due to his family business dealings. 

Biden has a troubling decades’ long record on China:

  • Unwilling to come clean about his own family’s shady and deep ties to Communist China
  • On the record saying China is not an adversary the United States needs to worry about 
  • Served as Vice President for eight years when China made its most aggressive moves on the international stage with little to no U.S. pushback 

Joe Biden wants to re-implement the disastrous Obama-Biden Administration Middle East policy program. 

Biden plans to:

  • Rejoin the Iran nuclear deal 
  • Return to cash pallet diplomacy 
  • Lead from behind and weaken U.S. support for our greatest ally in the region, Israel
  • Biden was the dissenting voice on the raid that killed 9/11 terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden 
  • Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has stated that Biden has been wrong on almost every major foreign policy issue over the past four decades

Biden-Harris have been described as “most radical anti-police ticket in history.” 

Biden’s law and order agenda is a disgrace:

  • Biden can’t be trusted to have the backs of our heroic police over the mob
  • Said he’s open to redirecting funding for police
  • Won’t condemn ANTIFA thugs
  • Wants to end cash bail system


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