An invasion is taking place at our southern border.

The reckless policies of the Biden Administration created a national security crisis and humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

For the past two years, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been leading the deceitful effort.

What’s resulted is a complete dereliction of duty.

-At least 4.7 million illegal crossings under Mayorkas

-2.3 million alien encounters at the southern border in fiscal year 2022 alone

-200,000 per month

-Up to 8,000 a day

Secretary Mayorkas is refusing to enforce the law.

-At least a million illegal alien “Got-Aways”

-853 migrants died attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in the past 12 months – a record high

Secretary Mayorkas is violating his oath of office.

– Federal border officials seized approximately 14,700 pounds of fentanyl in fiscal year 2022

-2,300 pounds of fentanyl seized in one month with no end in sight.

-That’s enough to kill 500 million people!

Secretary Mayorkas is jeopardizing national security.

-98 border apprehensions were of individuals on the terrorist screening database.

Secretary Mayorkas has lied to Congress by testifying that the border is secure.

Secretary Mayorkas has lied to the American people.

The U.S. House of Representatives must impeach Secretary Mayorkas before it’s too late.

Tell Congress: Impeach Mayorkas Now!


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