The mountain of corruption allegations surrounding Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and other members of the Biden family is exactly why the special counsel statute exists.

Joe Biden has a conflict of interest.  He’s in charge of the Justice Department and can’t be in charge of an investigation into his own dealings or the dealings of members of his family.

Only through the appointment of an impartial special counsel can these serious allegations of Biden family corruption be thoroughly investigated.

If a special counsel is not appointed, these allegations will hang over the Biden Administration for the duration of his term.

The allegations concerning Biden family business dealings in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere are far more substantiated than in the case of the Trump-Russia hoax.

If a special counsel was needed to clear the air in the case of Trump and Russia, then a special counsel is clearly needed in the Biden case.

The American people are tired of the double standard and two sets of rules – one for Trump and one for the Democrats. 

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden say they did nothing wrong.  If that’s the case, then it’s in their interests to appoint a special counsel to confirm their beliefs. 

Americans already believe that Joe Biden is a career Washington swamp creature.  Attempting to sweep these allegations under the rug would confirm those beliefs.

Biden must work to restore trust with the American people and order the Attorney General to appoint a special counsel. 

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Demand the appointment of a special counsel!


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