Joe Biden Must Be Impeached.

Never before in American history have a president and his administration deemed themselves above the law and abused power without reservation.

Whether it’s President Joe Biden’s deadly open border policies, his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan or his family’s compromising foreign business entanglements, the American people have seen enough.

Biden’s pro-illegal immigration policies have caused a national security crisis, humanitarian crisis, and fentanyl crisis.

Biden’s policies have caused record overdoses, record illegal crossings, and record “gotaways.”

Biden’s border catastrophe is by design; it was initiated purposefully and is being ignored purposefully.  That’s an impeachable offense.

Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal led to the deaths of 13 heroic servicemen and women.

Biden lied to the American people about the strength of the Taliban and asked former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani on a phone call to lie about the deteriorating situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

Biden then abandoned American citizens and billions of dollars in military equipment on the battlefield in enemy hands.  That’s an impeachable offense.

For two and half years, President Biden and members of his cabinet have been allowed to run roughshod and now it’s time for action.

In just six months since retaking control of the U.S. House, Republican investigators have diligently put together facts and evidence that has exposed the sitting President of the United States as a liar and a co-conspirator.

Since 2019, Joe Biden has methodically lied to the American people about his role in his family’s lucrative international influence peddling operation.

Then-candidate and now President Biden has repeatedly stated he had nothing to do with Hunter Biden leveraging his name and high office around the globe for millions upon millions of dollars.

Official bank records and electronic communications that have been released to the public by Congress recently paint a far different picture of what actually happened.

Bank records don’t lie.  In fact, the records show millions upon millions of dollars flowing from foreign sources into the bank accounts of various Biden family members.

Not only was President Biden keenly aware of what was going on, his lofty positions of power were the only reason it all came to fruition – he was in fact the lynchpin.

Engaging in criminal activity as vice president is an impeachable offense.

Becoming compromised by foreign interests after leaving the vice presidency is impeachable as well.

Impeachment is about facts and evidence and there are more than enough facts for the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

House Republicans must undo the damage caused by Democrats with their fraudulent impeachments of President Trump and re-establish the impeachment process as a serious, fact-based endeavor that includes an inquiry, hearings, a report, and due process for the accused.

If you agree that Joe Biden must be impeached, please add your name and make your voice heard!


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