On the eve of his 100th day in office, President Biden has already defined his administration by activism and appeasement. At home, Mr. Biden has bowed and all but surrendered control of government to the socialist wing of his party.

Abroad, Mr. Biden is working to appease global adversaries like China and Iran by reversing President Trump’s successful maximum pressure and peace through strength strategies. While the radical America-last crowd is cheering, the rest of the country is feeling the brunt of Mr. Biden’s irresponsible policies. From the crisis at the border, to abusive spending, to “reimagining” policing, to threatening to pack the U.S. Supreme Court and impose Green New Deal-like policies, Americans have already had enough.

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll has Mr. Biden sitting at the third lowest approval rating in recent history for presidents at the 100-day mark of their first term. Just imagine Mr. Biden’s numbers if he didn’t have a sycophantic mainstream media machine protecting him day in and day out. On the campaign trail, Joe Biden asked voters if he looked like a radical socialist and packaged himself as a unifying moderate. We now know that was all concocted. Instead, left-wing extremists are pulling the strings and driving the agenda for the Democratic Party — and Mr. Biden is happy to play the puppet.

Just listen to socialist “squad” leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who graded Mr. Biden’s first 100 days as exceeding progressives’ expectations. Having observed Miss Ocasio-Cortez on the national stage for three years, her giving the president a “radical stamp of approval” is truly revealing about how dangerously far left Mr. Biden has veered. 

Democrats have had free reign for the past 100 days to push the most drastically liberal policies imaginable, all with Mr. Biden’s blessing. The left’s war for total control of our government didn’t stop with a majority in the House and Joe Biden in the West Wing. Faced with a 50-50 tie in the Senate, liberals now want to make Washington, D.C., a state to boost their majority and do away with the filibuster so they can remake America in their own dystopian vision.

Polling shows that 60% of the American people want Mr. Biden to secure bipartisan support for his proposals through political compromise, but this White House doesn’t appear to care. Leftists are pushing to pack the Supreme Court with a liberal majority, ensuring that their unconstitutional laws face no check from the highest court. Instead of shooting this bad idea down — like he has in the past — Mr. Biden created a commission to actually consider the disastrous proposal. 

On the legislative front, the Biden-backed H.R. 1 would federalize elections, undermine voting security, mandate ripe-for-fraud universal mail-in voting and stifle free speech. For these Democrats, unity and bipartisanship isn’t a goal, it’s an obstacle. 

The bi-coastal political elite can barely contain its scorn for hardworking taxpayers in Middle America. Instead of trying to appeal to blue-collar workers, Mr. Biden and the leftists in Congress have made it clear they’re preparing to get rid of many of those “outdated” jobs by de facto criminalizing wide swaths of the domestic energy sector with their Green New Deal agenda.

To make matters worse, as schools finally gear up to reopen, curricula are being poisoned with anti-American critical race theory. Sadly, parents are coming home from work to hear their own children tell them that America is evil instead of what Ronald Reagan called our shining city on a hill. No aspect of our lives or our hallowed institutions and traditions are off-limits for these radical Democrats. Sadly, this is Joe Biden’s America.

While they simultaneously undermine American values, Mr. Biden and the congressional Democrats are spending at levels that threaten the stability of our nation. The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 “relief” bill, of which less than 10% actually went toward COVID-19 mitigation, and the $2.25 trillion “infrastructure” plan, of which only about 5% is for roads and bridges, are simply wealth redistribution and social engineering policies.

As the threat of inflation and tax increases loom large, federal spending and the budget deficit set records in the first half of this fiscal year. Mr. Biden and his liberal allies have made it clear that they won’t stop spending your money until they’re voted out of office. In fact, they even brought back wasteful earmarks from the dead, as if the left isn’t straddling our children and grandchildren with enough debt already.

Against this backdrop of reckless Democratic overreach, Mr. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have the audacity to tour the country in a self-congratulatory “Help is Here” campaign to promote their COVID-19 bailout fund and vaccine rollout. When President Trump declared that all Americans would have access to the vaccine by April of this year, the left jeered — and now Mr. Biden has the nerve to take credit for the historic achievement of his predecessor. 

While Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris travel the country to applaud themselves for their lackluster “leadership,” there’s one place they won’t show up — our southern border. Vice President Harris, who was tasked with managing the crisis, refuses to visit the border or even hold a press conference to face the music. The growing humanitarian and national security catastrophe is a distraction for Democrats, so they’ve chosen to downplay it and ignore the 63% of Americans who do not approve of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis. And the biased media is happy to assist with the cover-up. 

From what we’ve seen this first 100 days, the next few years are shaping up to be a defining battle between Americans who want to preserve our constitutional republic and those who want nothing more than to undermine it at every turn. If the Democrats’ abuse of power continues, Republicans have a great opportunity to take back Congress in 2022. But in the meantime, Mr. Biden will continue cementing his legacy as a divisive radical socialist — the last thing America needs right now. 

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President.

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